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Driver Selection & Training

Motor Vehicle Records Check

A bus driver’s driving record must be acceptable according to standards developed by the Department of Public Safety, Texas Education Agency (TEA), and the Round Rock Independent School District.  A pre-employment driver license check is required for school bus drivers in Texas.  This check covers the driver’s motor vehicle record (accidents, tickets, etc.) for the past ten years.  No one may drive a school bus whose driving record shows 10 or more penalty points during a three year period before the current year, or a single 10 point assessed occurrence in the last ten years.  The point system was established by the Department of Public Safety and Texas Education Agency and is non-negotiable as to its assessment and how it applies to procuring a CDL for a school bus in the state of Texas.  Drivers who have recently moved to Texas from out of state will be required to furnish a ten year record from the state or states in which they lived for that period.

Criminal History Record Check

All potential employees are subject to a criminal history record check.  Criminal history must be acceptable according to standards developed by Round Rock ISD and all governing laws and regulations.

Work History/Personal Background Check

Round Rock ISD will perform both work history and personal background checks during the hiring process.  Prospective employees must meet standards acceptable to the district.

Annual Physical Examination

“It shall be unlawful for any person to be employed to drive a motor vehicle while in use as a school bus for the transportation of pupils who have not undergone a physical examination which reveals physical and mental capabilities to safely operate a school bus.”  All drivers are required to have, annually, a physical examination administered by a physician certified and registered by the Texas Department of Public Safety before driving students in an RRISD school bus or be subject to disciplinary action.

NOTE: Persons who are disqualified may request special consideration from the State Commissioner of Education.  The applicant must present, in writing, ”clear and convincing evidence that his or her functions are not impaired in any way which would reduce the applicant’s effectiveness as a bus driver or endanger the safety and welfare of the children.”

Drug Testing

Employees covered under this policy are classified as operating in safety sensitive positions.  “Safety sensitive employees” are defined by the federal law as drivers of vehicles having a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 lbs. or more or who operate vehicles designed to transport more than 15 passengers.

Job applicants are required to undergo pre-employment drug and alcohol testing before they are hired, after an offer to hire, or when on probation or having limited rights before full employment status, but before actually performing safety sensitive functions for the first time.  Pre employment testing is also required when an employee transfers to a safety sensitive position.  The purpose of this pre-screening effort is to minimize internal corrective actions and possible accidents related to drugs and/or alcohol.  Safety sensitive positions are also subject to random and reasonable suspicion drug testing throughout the duration of their employment. The employees are also subject to random drug testing during the school year.  The safety and security of our students are our highest priority.

Job Descriptions

Round Rock ISD is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against persons because of age, race, color, creed, religion, disability, gender, ethnic or national origin, or veteran status.  RRISD prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and will reasonably accommodate applicants with a disability, upon request, and will also ensure reasonable accommodations for an employee with a disability.  Complaints should be directed to Employee Relations, Human Resource Services.

Additional employment information may be obtained by calling (512)464-5190 or visiting Employment Opportunities on this web site.


Transportation employees receive initial and continuous training to enhance their skills. The Transportation Department is committed to continuously improving our service through the education of our employees. All  SPED drivers must be CPI certified (nonviolent crisis intervention).

Initial Training

The complete training course consists of a minimum 20 hours behind-the-wheel training, consisting of pre-trip, driving course training to learn several maneuvers on an empty bus, student management, along with observation driving a school bus on a route with students, and a trainer or supervisor.

State of Texas Commercial Drivers License

RRISD School Bus Drivers must possess a current Texas CDL License Class A or B and carry it at all times while working. Trainees must take the DPS Driving Test in a 65-78 passenger school bus to receive a Class B. Drivers must inform their Supervisors any time the license expires or is revoked. New potential licensee requires passing written and driving tests as well as an eye test. Renewing a CDL requires an eye test. New drivers who do not have the correct license will receive behind-the-wheel training, which will qualify them to apply for a Class A or B license, as part of their bus driver training.

Anyone who operates a school bus with a suspended or expired Class A or B license, or before they have completed the proper licensing procedures through DPS and it is documented, will be subject to disciplinary action up to and may include termination.

School Bus Driver Certification

Successful completion of the school bus driver training course is required of all drivers. School bus drivers shall have in their possession a certificate indicating enrollment in or completion of the 20-hour course. Drivers are responsible for renewing their certification every three years by completing an eight-hour refresher course.

Special Needs Training

All employees working with special needs students will receive training in special needs transportation. A basic course in student management, route driving, student loading and unloading, and wheelchair securement, as well as, additional specialized training for individual students is offered as needed.

Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. School Bus Driver Training

All special needs drivers and bus support will take CPI, “Nonviolent Crisis Intervention” course for the care, welfare, and safety of the students being transported.

Monthly Safety Training

The Transportation Department provides monthly safety training for all employees. Topics for this training vary based on department need.

Evaluation and Retraining

The Transportation Department routinely evaluates driver performance and incorporates training into the process. Drivers are observed and given feedback and direction to enhance operational skills.

Drivers performing below expected levels are retrained. A driver trainer is assigned to the individual to provide one-to-one interaction and assure improved performance.

Departmental Procedure Book

All employees are expected to read, understand, and comply with the current departmental procedure book, which is separate from the District Employee Procedure Handbook. The Transportation Procedure Handbook sets guidelines of expectations and training needed to be successful employees.